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Hi. I'm Ester from NZ, 19 and I'm in love/obsessed with Thranduil. This blog is dedicated to LOTR, and The Hobbit. I've got The Hobbit soundtrack on replay lol. I also fangirl on Lee Pace and Richard Armitage. I ocassionally post Sherlock stuff as well and whatever else may interst me. Enjoy :) tumblr hit counter
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this may have gotten just a little out of hand

based off of this. thorin in awe of bilbo, as he should be. as we all should be

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The Hobbit meme: {2/10} scenes

"Bilbo, if there is indeed a live dragon down there, don’t waken it.

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Spaghetti Hamster Photoshop Battle [via]

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I will carry him if I must

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You can’t.

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yesterday no one was answering a question correctly in class and my teacher became so incredibly depressed at our lack of potential that he just


right out the window

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{ the game’s afoot }


{ the game’s afoot }

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